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Setting up an internal knowledge base  is a great way to grow your company more efficiently. Studies show that knowledge workers spend 20% of their time just searching for the information to do their jobs. Having a centralized repository of company information will help to reclaim much of that lost time.

We've helped thousands of companies build internal knowledge bases using Tettra, so we've learned what works to get setup quickly and easily. In this guide, you'll find our best tips and tricks to set up your knowledge base in order to: 

  • Encourage adoption
  • Answer repetitive questions
  • Enable your documentation to grow organically over time

Who this guide is for

This guide aims to help anyone who is beginning to set up a knowledge base for their team. That being said, you don't need to be the account administrator to get value from this guide. Since setting up an internal knowledge base tends to work best when everyone on a team is involved, we’ve also included some helpful tips and best practices for the rest of your team too

What you need for this guide

  • A Tettra account - sign up here if you don’t have one yet
  • 45 minutes

What you'll learn

After finishing all 10 lessons, you'll learn this workflow to setup and rollout Tettra:

  1. Setup your Categories, Subcategories, and Pages
  2. Connect your Integrations
  3. Invite your Knowledge Holders
  4. Assign Suggestions
  5. Write Pages
  6. Rollout your internal knowledge base to your entire team
  7. Keep your knowledge up-to-date over time
  8. Using Tettra to reduce repetitive questions