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Tettra Academy

Quick Start: Ten Minute Tettra Setup

As you get into Tettra, these steps are a great way to learn while prepping your space. Give this page ten minutes of your time so you and your knowledge base will be ready to go.

1 minute: Check out this Tettra in 60 Seconds Video!

2 minutes: Create a private sandbox category.

This is a helpful first step - in your private category (which only you can see), you'll be able to:

  • stage unfinished new pages,
  • keep notes to yourself,
  • suggest pages to write, 
  • ask yourself questions,
  • and then move those to a shared category

... all without worrying about perfection.


3 minutes: Ask yourself a question (or 3).

Consider this a brain dump: what questions have you been asked recently? What pages do you know you want to have, off the top of your head? 


Keep these in your private category until you're ready to archive them or move them to a shared category.

4 minutes: Import an answer to your question.

Instead of trying to get everything imported right away, start with those questions you just asked yourself. Start with the most top-of-mind knowledge.

Is the answer in Google Docs? Then add that doc as a link.

Or maybe it's a Word doc - you can import those as pages 

Export markdown

copy and paste

Don't worry about organizing the information just yet or creating other categories, but if you think of some categories to add, go for it!


If you have a little extra time, then edit this page for your team - this is where you can send your editors and contributors for their first session in Tettra, too.

At the end of this Quick Start, you now know how to:
- work with categories
- edit pages
- ask questions and make page suggestions
- work with page editor
- import docs from other tools

One more thing you should know:

How to reach us. Click that Help button at the top of Tettra and start a message to tell us: how did it go?


Step 1: Your Content