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Tettra Academy

Step 1: Your Content

Importing your docs

Linking to outside content:

Some of your content can be added to Tettra right from where it is - you can link Google docs and Notion pages, for example, like this:


Creating Tettra pages:

Other content you'll want to import or copy and paste so that it's a Tettra page. 

Check out:

Deciding on your category structure

Tettra is built on the following hierarchy: Categories > Subcategories > Pages. 


The best ways to structure your account are:

  • departmental
  • project-based
  • topic-based

Structure by Department:
Categories: Marketing, Sales, Support, Engineering, HR/Operations.
- Pros: Directs teams to relevant information.
- Cons: Challenges with pages fitting multiple departments or same subcategory names.

Structure by Project/Client:
- Categories: Projects or clients.
- Pros: Quick onboarding, standardized substructure.
- Cons: Recreation of subcategories/pages, less flexibility.

Structure by Topic:
- Categories: Topics.
- Pros: Deeper hierarchy, clear access to specific topics.
- Cons: Requires planning, adjustments with team growth.

Or mix it up! 

Mixing Approaches:

  • Combine department and topic categories.
  • Example: Sales, Engineering, Support, Company Updates, Office & Ops, Weekly Planning.

We use all three approaches at Tettra (the company) for our own Tettra (the product). For example, we use categories for departments (Sales, Engineering, Support) and for Topics (Company Updates, Office & Ops, Weekly Planning). 

Sometimes if a subcategory becomes really important, we’ll elevate it to the category level to make it easier to access. That’s exactly what happened to our Weekly Planning category, which started off as a subcategory inside of Company Updates.

Setting up your timelines

Do you need to onboard a team member soon? Or is there a company event happening, and you'd like to have this knowledge base set up before then?

Work backwards from that launch date:

  • Phase one: setup with one admin or a core group.
  • Phase two: creators who are subject matter experts own categories and import/create pages
  • Phase three: whole-team rollout

Need a little help with project-managing the rollout? Reach out to us at [email protected]!


Step 2: Your Questions