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Project Retrospective Template

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Project background

[Link to original project proposal / background]

What went well (Successes)

Talk here about some of the things that were a success in the project. Identify which part of the project was a success. 

  • What were some good outcomes?
  •  What processes worked well? 
  • What things should continue? 
  • Any special thanks or acknowledgements. 

What could have gone better (Misses)

Talk here about some of things that were "misses" or could have gone better. Identify issues in the project

  • Were deadlines missed?
  • What were the "friction" points?
  • What areas could be improved on?
  • What didn't go as expected?

What to try next (Future)

  • What are the next steps for the future of the project?
  • What are new things to try?

What did we learn (Learnings) 

Identify things that were learnt in the project, from the Successes and from the Misses. 


Note: This is a general template for a project retrospective. Please customize and adapt the sections, content, and formatting to suit the specific needs and goals of your business.