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Meeting Notes Template

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  • Meeting Date: [Date]
  • Meeting Time: [Time]
  • Attendees: @mention people in Tettra

1. Meeting Objective

State the purpose and objectives of the meeting concisely.

2. Follow ups from Last Meeting

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

2. New Agenda Items

Outline the topics and discussion points to be covered during the meeting.

  • [Agenda Item 1]
  • [Agenda Item 2]
  • [Agenda Item 3]

3. Meeting Summary

Provide a summary of the key discussions, decisions, and actions taken during the meeting.

4. Discussion Notes

Add notes for each agenda item. Include important points, ideas, suggestions, and any relevant information discussed.

[Agenda Item 1]
- Discussion point 1:
[Summary of the discussion]

[Agenda Item 2]
- Discussion point 1:
[Summary of the discussion]


5. Decisions Made

Document the decisions made during the meeting, including any action items or next steps.

  • Decision 1:
    [Description of the decision]
  • Decision 2:
    [Description of the decision]

6. Action Items

List the action items assigned during the meeting. Include responsible parties and due dates.

  • [Action Item 1]
    • Responsible: [Name]
    • Due Date: [Date]
  • [Action Item 2]
    • Responsible: [Name]
    • Due Date: [Date]


7. Next Meeting

Discuss the date, time, and agenda for the next meeting, if applicable.

8. Additional Notes

Include any additional notes, comments, or follow-up information that may be relevant to the meeting.


Note: This template can be customized based on the specific needs and requirements of your business. Adjust the sections and formatting to align with your preferred meeting documentation style. 

Regularly save and update meeting notes in Tettra to ensure easy access and reference for future meetings.Date: