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Tettra Academy

Marketing Campaign State of Work


Quick description of the campaign to give others context. Basically a t;ldr.


Describe the topic of the campaign and what aspects will be covered in it.


  • List out the timeline for the campaign with dates and descriptions
  • 12/31 description
  • 1/15 description
  • 2/1 due date
  • 2/8 launch

Possible Titles (Would “support” exclude sales?)

  • Brainstorm titles for the campaign
  • Should spend about 50% of our time on coming up with a catchy title
  • How to title are always good
  • Titles that leave the reader intrigued are good too


  • Outline the campaign and all the parts

Areas of Ownership

  • Outline: @Andy Cook 
  • Reg landing page: @Shauni Deshmukh
  • Landing page: @Nelson Joyce

Promo Plan

  • Promotional activities and 

Outcome and benefits

Describe the outcome and benefits for each party working on this. What are the results? How will we measure whether this campaign was a success or failure?